Take a Healthy Sip of New York State Apple Cider

The New York state apple industry has a long history of apple farming – and cider making! Fresh-pressed New York state apple cider is available all year long.

New York State Apple CiderHow cider is made:

  • Apples are washed, cut and ground into a mash the consistency of applesauce.
  • Each cider maker uses a custom blend of apple varieties for a unique recipe.
  • Layers of mash are wrapped in cloth and put into racks.
  • A hydraulic press squeezes the racks and juice flows into a tank.
  • Cider is not filtered, or is minimally filtered.
  • After pressing, the cider is treated to ensure it is food safe.
  • Then it is bottled.

Buy Local

Cider is always made with fresh, local apples. So when you buy apples from a New York state cider producer, you are supporting your local apple industry.

Click on the photo below to find an apple cider producer in your area.

Find an Apple Cider Producer

Drink Healthy

Think of cider as drinking your apple! The health benefits of apples are well known, and drinking cider gives you all the same benefits in a glass. No added sugar No fat, saturated fat or trans fat No cholesterol Only about 80 calories per 6-ounce glass Cider contains pectin, a soluble fiber that reduces cholesterol.

Keep it Cold

Cider is perishable, so it should be kept cold for best quality. Enjoy it by the date on the container. Can’t drink it all? Cider can be frozen; pour off an inch or two from the container to allow for expansion during freezing.

Drink Safely

Cider lovers can also be completely confident in the safety of New York state cider. State law requires that all apple cider is pasteurized (as milk is) or treated with ultraviolet light, both.

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